Updates from the GFAR Steering Committee

The GFAR Steering Committee met in Rome on February 8-9, 2017 and worked to set a new agenda for this multi-stakeholder global forum on agri-food research and innovation.

GFAR is a global network for action and the Steering Committee now comprises 34 elected representatives, from across 13 sectors involved in agricultural research and innovation at international,
regional and local levels: farmers and agricultural workers, civil society organizations, private sector, women organizations, youth organizations, international public research, regional fora of public agricultural research and policy bodies, advanced research institutions/G20, rural advisory services, higher education, donor/investment, consumer organizations and GFAR’s facilitating UN agencies.

GCHERA President John Kennelly represented the global higher education sector.

The Steering Committee agreed on the key areas of focus to be addressed in the GFAR Medium Term-Plan, including increasing knowledge flow for development impact, and supporting transformative learning and youth leadership development. We encourage you to review the Key Points Summary of the GFAR Steering Committee meeting for details and next steps.

Posted on 09 Apr 2017