New Year Greetings from President of GCHERA & Report 2014

Dr. John KennellyAs 2015 begins I would like to take this opportunity to update you on GCHERA (Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agricultural and Life Sciences) activities over the past year and to seek your feedback on how GCHERA can best deliver on its mandate to encourage mutual understanding and global co-operation among higher education associations and their constituent member institutions in supporting innovation, and to provide leadership in education, research and outreach in agricultural and life sciences.

Over the past year GCHERA has continued the transition to the new governance structure where membership is made up of national or regional associations rather than the previous structure of individual university membership. Our goals over the past year have been three fold: To build international recognition of GCHERA as the body representing agricultural and life sciences higher education institutions at the global level; to partner with member associations in hosting global and regional fora; and to strengthen the relationship between GCHERA and its member associations.

Below you will find an overview of key initiatives over the past year. These include meetings in Rome and Paris with FAO, UNESCO, GFAR and TAP. GCHERA is now formally recognized as representing higher education on GFAR and TAP. This recognition provides an additional forum for our voices to be heard at the global level.

The GCHERA 2014 World Agriculture Prize, in collaboration with Nanjing Agricultural University, was awarded to Professor Paul Vlek at the World Dialogue Conference held in Nanjing on September 20th. I encourage you to nominate deserving individuals from your member universities for the 2015 GCHERA World Agriculture Prize – details of the nomination process can be found at GCHERA.COM from 31 January 2015.

GCHERA also co-hosted a conference with AMEAS in Chihuahua, Mexico, November, 18-20th 2014 with the theme of Food Security and Climate Change. Congratulations to Chihuahua University and AMEAS on putting on an excellent program.

I also had the opportunity to represent GCHERA at the Indian Agricultural Universities Association (IAUA) Vice Chancellors Convention held in Delhi, November 8-9, 2014. The Theme of the conference was “Making World Class Agricultural Universities in India.”

My goal in 2015 is to continue to connect with GCHERA members, to seek your feedback on GCHERA programs and activities and, in particular, to get your thoughts on how best to enhance the GCHERA value proposition. The success of GCHERA depends on our ability to engage and work with GCHERA national and regional associations, and their member universities, on issues that matter to our stakeholders. We encourage your feedback and suggestions on how to serve you better.

I hope you will be able to join us later this year for the 8th GCHERA World Conference “Universities’ Global Challenge: nutritional security and environmental sustainability for human health” which will be held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon, June 25-26th. Follow this link for information on the conference themes and the call for abstracts.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2015.

John J Kennelly, President GCHERA. Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton. Canada. T6G 2P5

Email Phone 1-780-492-2133

Download the GCHERA New Year 2015 Newsletter and Report on GCHERA Activities and Events in 2014

Posted on 08 Jan 2015