GCHERA to Follow GCARD3 Outcomes

GCARD3 Theme 3: “Keeping science relevant and future-focused”. 

GCHERA members are directly challenged to take forward two of the proposals from the Theme 3 discussions:

  • One thousand additional PhDs per year in next-generation, future-relevant agricultural research.
  • A higher-educational reform across a 100 universities over five continents.

These proposals will be actioned at the GCHERA Annual General meeting to be held on 17 and 18 October in Cape Town at the time of the RUFORUM Biennial Conference.

These two outcome proposals are aimed at delivering qualified leaders to address the challenges of the 21stC as set out in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ratified in September 2015, and identified in the COP21 Paris Agreement, November 2015.  Our future leaders must:

  1. be guided by positive values and high ethical standards
  2. possess strong leadership, interpersonal and team building skills
  3. be life long learners, and possess strong entrepreneurial skills capable of identifying new business opportunities
  4. be committed to a vision of the agri-food system compatible with the sustainability of the natural environment and the conservation of biodiversity
  5. be professionals with a holistic vision of the bioeconomy, though an interdisciplinary education and work experience, and the ability to build bridges between specialists to solve the global challenges
  6. have a solid grounding in the relevant natural and social sciences, and the technical and business principles that underlie practice, as well as the practical experience critical to developing confidence and capability in delivering solutions, and
  7. possess high-level cognitive skills in analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new solutions

Download these two outcome proposals from GCARD3 and GCHERA welcomes comment before the meeting in October – send a email from Contact Us

GCARD3 Theme 3: Undergraduate Education Reform

GCARD3 Theme 3: PhD Training for Research Capacity

These two proposals are in line with the planned outcomes for the GCHERA Action Plan 2016-20

Posted on 16 Aug 2016