Our Organisation

The GCHERA General Assembly is the governing body of the Confederation.  GCHERA Steering Committee members serve as an Executive Committee of the General Assembly.

The GCHERA General Assembly is the governing body of the Confederation.

The General Assembly has the authority to:

  1. Determine and establish the general policies and operating procedures of the Confederation.
  2. Elect the President, the Senior Vice President and the Treasurer of the General Assembly. The Chair of the GCHERA Conference is ex-officio Vice-President of the Confederation. The person responsible for the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize is ex-officio Vice-President of the Confederation. Each them will have one vote (five votes in all).
  3. Elect the ordinary members of the Steering Committee.
  4. Co-opt others to the Steering Committee.
  5. Recruit, select, approve, and evaluate the appointment of a Secretary General and/or any other personnel charged with the responsibilities to conduct the day-to-day business of the Confederation.
  6. Establish such offices and/or operations as are required to conduct the business of the Confederation.
  7. Admit or exclude members.
  8. Approve the Confederation’s annual budget and effect an annual audit of the Confederation’s accounts.
  9. Determine the annual membership subscription of Full and Associate members of the Confederation.
  10. Make amendments to the Statutes of the Confederation.
  11. Terminate the Confederation.

The GCHERA Steering Committee acts to:

  1. Execute, between scheduled General Assembly meetings, the operational objectives of the Confederation as agreed by the General Assembly,
  2. Develop and present the strategy and objectives of GCHERA to be approved by the General Assembly,
  3. Be responsible for the general administration of the Confederation, within guidelines established and agreed to by the General Assembly, and
  4. Define internal working rules (bylaws) within the framework of the Statutes.