GCHERA Confederation Born June 2011

The 7th Conference held in Beauvais in June 2011 gave Representatives of the Global Regional University Associations and the GCHERA Executive Committee members the opportunity to establish a new  Confederation during a Founding General Assembly. 

The membership of GCHERA would in future be based on Higher Education Associations relating to the agricultural and life sciences, instead of individual universities.

GCHERA would retain its original acronym but would now be called the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Reshaping GCHERA

The Confederation was established as a not for profit organisation with the mission to encourage mutual understanding and global co-operation of the higher educational associations and their institutions in supporting innovation and providing leadership in education, research and outreach in agricultural and life sciences.

Through capacity development the Confederation aimed to achieve this mission by supporting member higher education associations and their membership in contributing to improving:

sustainable agricultural and rural development

food security

quality of life

health and nutrition

development of bio renewable resources, and

reducing poverty