The GCHERA Conferences provide a global meeting place for university leaders to discuss with government, industry, NGOs and civil society delegates the grand challenges of the 21st century as enumerated by the COP21 and the SDGs. In particular resource scarcity (soil, water, energy and biomass), economic and environmental crises, and social problems and disasters which have a global perspective.  Such discussions support university leaders in framing their education, research, innovation and outreach strategies of their institutions to address these 21st C challenges.

GCHERA has held biannual conferences since 1999.  More recently annual conferences have also been held in association of the award of the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize under the general title of GCHERA World Dialogue: Education and Innovation in the Life Sciences.

In addition to the GCHERA led conferences GCHERA is pleased to partner with its Higher Education Asscoiation members and other organisations to address also the grand challenges of the 21st century.