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2019 GCHERA Conference Presentations

The 10th GCHERA Conference, held October 28-29 at Nanjing Agricultural University, focused on Transforming Higher Education. Speakers from 14 countries, working in academia and non-governmental organizations, presented their experiences and ideas relating to the need to change higher education, and how this can be accomplished. The full list of Conference presentations is below, including links to

GCHERA Conference program

The 10th GCHERA Conference on “Transforming Higher Education” will take place October 28-29, at Nanjing Agricultural University, in conjunction with the World Agriculture Prize award ceremony, and the GCHERA General Assembly meeting. The Conference program is available here. This program features university leaders from all over the world sharing their experiences – both successes and

10th GCHERA Conference 2019 – Postponed

The Conference Leadership of Agricultural and Life Science Universities for a Sustainable World which was scheduled for April 2019 is POSTPONED and a new date will be announced for Nov/Dec 2019 in due course. The Conference is an opportunity for a global meeting of university leaders to compare and contrast our understanding of the challenges,